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AMfurniture Group stands for experience, creativity and craftsmanship.
Our brands show diversity, offering a wide range of products and tailored solutions for the most demanding projects and charming homes.

AMclassic brand AMfurniture Group

Filled with history and passion, AMclassic has been presenting classical furniture collections since 1962. Inspired by neoclassical furniture styles, it combines both antique crafting techniques and the latest technology, blending elegance and artistry. A regal atmosphere emerges from the creation of delicate, handmade and beautifully carved pieces. A unique design and a versatile color palette account for the creation of unforgettable and timeless ambiances that can be found in the most luxurious homes, either with purely classic forms or as a fusion of different styles and decor.

Experience history through classic furniture.

Dare Interiors presents a modern classic collection, mixing know-how with craftsmanship and noble woods, subtle brass overlays and outstanding marquetry. Dare has the ability to bring sophistication to the most distinct interiors, as it gathers the best of refined modern classic furniture and the bespoke quality of handmade indulgence. Singular and exclusive, it has its own expression and magnetism. Dynamic and versatile, Dare is capable of giving character and soul to cosmopolitan ways of life.

Dare to be part of this exclusive universe.

Dare Interiors Brand
Brands Elements

An essential collection for contemporary ambiances with a fondness for oak and eco-friendly materials. Elements – Modern Furniture brings balance to city life and to those who cherish a quiet and comfortable lifestyle. The color palette created especially for this brand reflects natural, tranquil and peaceful vibes that fit any environment, easily adapting to any color or style preferences. Elements is able to create furniture pieces that add coziness to stylish interiors, either for private residences or hospitality projects.

 A serene minimalism, a celebration of pure forms and linear silhouettes.