Entrancing as the name suggests, Appeal sideboard is a captivating inclusion to a contemporary dining room area. The imposing feel of this piece takes shape with an alluring round structure, entirely crafted in stripe sand 1 wood veneer.

It comprises four doors, with each set of two revealing a radiant pattern that emanates from the central brushed brass handles, resembling the sun. Inside, with a grey 1 lacquered interior, the luxurious Appeal sideboard features enough space to store dinner crockery, illustrating the existing harmony between functionality and modern design.

Its sumptuous profile is enhanced by brushed brass inlays that can be found on the top and base, creating a sophisticated and refined ambience.

Altogether, Appeal sideboard is a fabulous and intricate piece that exudes elegance and charm in every single detail. An array of veneers and finishes is available for customization, allowing for the creation of a unique piece that will suit the aesthetics of your home or project.

Complete the ambiance with Appeal cabinet.


W: 2,2m D: 0,5m H: 0,9m