Imposing and contemporary, Create bookcase is the epitome of luxurious design and impeccable craftsmanship. Covering an entire living room wall, this alluring piece has a gloss lacquered finish that enhances its own beauty. The highlight of this bookcase is its modular nature, with both horizontal and vertical settings available so it blends almost seamlessly with any decor project.

Featuring an interior in groove brown 2, it provides three central units with glass shelves and subtle LED lighting, capturing all the attention. It also possesses a considerable amount of inner storage, hidden behind several doors on the front that catch the eye with its asymmetrical and enthralling design. The magnetic and intriguing personality of Create bookcase is accentuated by this refined combination of materials, textures and colors, which turn it into a versatile addition to any luxurious living room.

With a cohesive and eclectic design, this piece can be customized with distinct veneers and finishes, in order to enrich the ambiance of your home or project.



W: 3m D: 0,5m H: 3,6m